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Chickenango and WSP: Strategic Alliance in Transportation Infrastructure

Updated: Jan 31

Chickenango, an emerging name in the transportation public involvement infrastructure industry, is thrilled to announce its recent induction into the CDOT’s ESB Mentor-Protege Program. This strategic move is a testament to Chickenango's commitment to growth and excellence. With WSP, a global leader in engineering and professional services, taking on the mentorship role, Chickenango is poised for an unprecedented leap in its capabilities and service offerings.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Established Mentorship: WSP, renowned for its extensive experience and stellar reputation in the engineering domain, will provide Chickenango with invaluable mentorship. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Chickenango in its pursuit of excellence and growth.

  • Geographic Synergy: The alignment of WSP's major project presence in Colorado and Texas with Chickenango's operational bases in these states sets the stage for a synergistic relationship, leveraging local knowledge and networks.

  • Multifaceted Learning: Chickenango is set to benefit from WSP's profound expertise in public involvement, engagement strategies, project management, and regulatory compliance within the transportation infrastructure realm.

  • Mutual Growth and Value Addition: The collaboration is not just a learning opportunity for Chickenango but a bilateral avenue for sharing insights, fostering business development, and teaming up on pivotal projects.

  • Client-Centric Approach: At the core of this partnership is the commitment to enhance service delivery, ensuring project success and innovative solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of the transportation infrastructure sector.

In-Depth Look at the Partnership Benefits:

  • Robust Expertise and Reputation: Chickenango's choice of WSP as its mentor stems from WSP's established presence and commendable track record in the engineering sector. WSP's in-house public involvement and engagement division is a powerhouse of professionals whose expertise Chickenango aims to tap into.

  • Local Insights, Global Experience: With operations anchored in Colorado and Texas, Chickenango is strategically positioned to benefit from WSP's vast experience and networks in these locales, promising enhanced service delivery and client satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Skill Acquisition: The partnership is envisioned as a holistic learning journey for Chickenango, encompassing stakeholder engagement, project management, regulatory navigation, and sector-specific intricacies.

  • Sustainable, Mutual Growth: Beyond learning, Chickenango aspires for a symbiotic relationship with WSP, marked by shared knowledge, collaborative projects, and collective strides towards industry leadership.

  • Elevated Client Experience: Ultimately, Chickenango's clientele stands to gain the most, with the promise of enriched service quality, successful project execution, and forward-thinking solutions that address the dynamic demands of the transportation infrastructure sector.

The mentor-protege relationship between Chickenango and WSP under the CDOT’s ESB program is more than an alliance; it's a transformative journey poised to redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks in client service and project success. Chickenango, with the mentorship of WSP, is on a trajectory to not just grow as a company but also to contribute significantly to the broader industry landscape.

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