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US 287/120th Ave Multimodal & Safety Study

Colorado Department of Transportation & City and County of Broomfield Broomfield, Colorado

US 287 Multimodal Outreach 4.jpg
US 287 Multimodal Outreach 4.jpg


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), in partnership with the City and County of Broomfield (Broomfield) conducted a multimodal and safety study to develop concepts to improve the US 287/120th Avenue corridor. The project outreach sought to understand the impact of changing traffic patterns since the completion of the 120th Avenue Connection project as well as look for ways to improve multimodal capacity and address safety. 120th Avenue is recognized as part of the High Injury Network and a Critical Corridor by the Denver Regional Council of Governments' Taking Action on Vision Zero Plan.

Services Provided

The Chickenango team is conducting a combination of digital and non-digital strategies to engage the communities of Broomfield to seek input throughout the corridor project limits where residents are experiencing gaps in accessible multimodal travel for all ages and abilities, safety challenges, or where overall multimodal options for residents can be improved. Services provided include:

  • Community Surveys (both paper and digital) for residents and business owners

  • Collateral and Surveys in five languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Vietnamese) to reach the underserved residents in Broomfield, CO

  • Two project websites to drive traffic to surveys and promote the project (CDOT and Broomfield)

  • Four pop up community events to reach the people where they are

  • Canvassing civic spaces and identifying community partners to promote the engagement

  • Interactive map with pin categories where residents can leave comments directly on the areas where they are experiencing gaps or mobility challenges along the corridor

  • Trackable QR codes for the survey and both website urls

  • Analytical data for all digital forms of communications and surveys

  • Press Releases

  • Postcards to all residents and businesses in the area with a 100’ foot buffer

  • Social media content and strategy

  • Business Owner Outreach with three Live Virtual Q&A Panel Sessions

  • Traffic and Environmental Data Infographics for public consumption pulled from the study data collected from the project team’s traffic engineers and biologists

Collateral Sample

Collateral Sample
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