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Road Solutions
Transportation Plan

City of Castle Pines, Colorado



Over the past several years, the City of Castle Pines has actively pursued funding options to significantly improve the City's roadway infrastructure without additional taxes. In order to compliment this effort, Chickenango aided the City and its staff in a branded, public facing campaign as well as provide public engagement oversight for the projects identified in this plan in collaboration with their communications staff.


Road Solutions for Castle Pines involves partnerships for regional and federal funding over the next 5-7 years in order to repair crumbling infrastructure and make the streets safer the community as a whole.

Services Provided

Chickenango created, planned, and branded a public engagement effort for the City of Castle Pines’ 7-Year Transportation Plan to fix their crumbling infrastructure that was inherited from Douglas County when the City first incorporated. Our team coordinated with the City Manager, Communications staff, Public Works staff, and the City Council to create a plan that would re-instill public trust in the maintenance and transportation planning efforts of the City. Service highlights included:

  • Branding Design 

  • Social Media Design 

  • Community Outreach 

  • Website Design 

  • Collateral Design 

  • Engagement Campaign

Collateral Sample

03.City of Castle Pines_mockup_700x400.png
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