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W 72nd Ave Bond Project

City of Arvada, Colorado

City of Arvada Public Meeting 7.jpg


In the November 6, 2018 election, Arvada residents approved Ballot Issue 3F for a bond issue to fund improvements to Ralston Road and W 72nd Avenue.

W. 72nd Avenue is a major east-west corridor for Arvada, serving 21,000 vehicle trips each day. This regional corridor provides access to Westminster and Golden /Jefferson County. The Citizens' Capital Improvement Plan Committee (CCIPC) ranked improvements to W 72nd Avenue as a high priority. The project also meets concerns expressed in recent Arvada Citizen Surveys.

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan generated transportation models indicating that the congestion, operation and safety of W 72nd Avenue will deteriorate with the build-out of the City.

Services Provided

Public engagement services were performed for both design and construction phases of the project and included an explainer video, collateral design, project website upkeep on the current, hotline, project email for comment and response management, planning and coordination of one in-person open house (pre-pandemic) and one virtual public meeting with over 20 custom board designs and presentation design. Service highlights include:

  • Branding Design 

  • Social Media Design 

  • Website Upkeep 

  • Video Design 

  • Community Outreach 

Collateral Sample

02.City of Arvada –W 72nd Avenue_mockup_700x400.png
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