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Chickenango is a dynamic public relations and marketing firm led by a team of experienced marketing, design, and public relations professionals. We’re proud to be celebrating our fifth year in business, and we look forward to many more years of success.

At Chickenango, our primary objective is to propel our clients and their products onto the global stage. We are committed to fostering enduring partnerships with our clients, utilizing inventive, imaginative, and impactful strategies to amplify their brands.



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Our most frequently asked question is, where did the name Chickenango come from?

As we loaded into the van heading toward Chittenango (NY) for some delicious pizza and ice cream, my then 4 year old daughter yells out, “CHICK-enango!”  She knew when we piled into the van for Chittenango, she was getting her favorite treat. 

Fast forward 20 years later, I had no idea I would:


1. start a company, and

2. give the name such a family legacy. 


Every parent out there, regardless of if their kids are now adults, have at least one word they mispronounce to this day and on purpose because it brings them back to the days when their kids were babies, learning to talk and just could not pronounce some words correctly.   

Chickenango, is one of those words for me. And that is how the unforgettable name was born.

What have we been called? 

Chicken pickle, chicken mango, chicken-a-dango, chicken-a-gogo, chicken taco, chicken nacho!  You know, that Chicken firm.  

What have we been asked?

Are you chicken farmers? Do you have an organic egg farm? Do you make rubber chickens?




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Chickenango is a leading Public Relations and Marketing firm led by highly experienced professionals. Our leaders have developed a strong culture of ownership and success through embracing a balanced approach to work and life. They are constantly striving to meet and exceed the status quo with their branding, design and digital marketing solutions.

Jennifer Headshot 2020 Square.png

Jennifer McPherson

Chief Executive Officer

Tracy C Headshot 2022 Square.png

Tracy Christy

Public Relations Specialist

New Williams Headshot.png

New Williams

Digital Media Specialist

AJ West

Chief Operating Officer

Siobhan Albert Headshot 2023.png

Siobhan Albert

Public Relations Specialist

Abril Garza.png

Abril Garza

Graphic Designer

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